$40 Christmas present
10.26.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

Puzzles as a Christmas present

     Ordinary cardboard puzzles are unlikely to surprise and please anyone, especially in the New Year. But we offer completely different games that can become a worthy present:

  • All their parts are made of wood, strong and durable.
  • From puzzles, you can create both original pictures and three-dimensional figures of animals, equipment, buildings, ships, etc.
  • The packaging is made of natural wood, it looks elegant and presentable.
  • All images are original. They may well become pictures for interior decoration.

     Wooden puzzles from our collection are a great idea for a $40 XMAS present. Choose the set you like and give your loved one an interesting, exciting pastime during the New Year holidays!


     If you need to choose a gift for the New Year or Christmas, but there is no sufficient amount to buy a good present — this is not at all a reason to give unnecessary trinkets that will be forgotten very quickly. Even for a small amount, you can choose an interesting New Year's gift that will delight and surprise. We offer several great ideas for a $40 Christmas present that will help you come up with something nice while keeping your belt tight.

Sources for ideas

     To understand what a person would like to see under the Christmas tree, it is enough just to be attentive to them, to observe a little. A source for inspiration and for a $40 Christmas present can be:

  • Lifestyle and habits. For example, if your friend runs every morning, she will surely be happy with the latest model of a fitness bracelet. And if a man is a fisherman, he will be pleased with modern synthetic bait for fishing.
  • If a person is really passionate about something, every thing associated with this hobby will bring them joy. It will emphasize that you are aware of their passion, that you share and support them.
  • A person who aspires to make a career will be happy with a gift that will help them in this and emphasize respect for their work, the significance and importance of their profession.
  • Recent events in a person's life. If the recipient has just moved, they might like unusual designer decorations for the house.

     Another idea for a $40 XMAS present, relevant both for your nearest and dearest and for those with whom you are loosely acquainted, is various items for entertainment that allow you to spend quality time. This category includes unique customized wooden puzzles, which are offered by our online store.