Birthday present for mother
03.04.2022 | LOLPUZZLE | Quordle Puzzles

You always want to please your mother, especially on her birthday, by choosing a good gift for her. The wide variety of gift options, catering to every taste, in stores can be confusing. We offer several ideas for a special birthday present for a mom.


About wooden puzzles

     The puzzles we offer are second to none:

  • Made of dense natural fiberboard.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Produced in premium wooden gift wrapping.
  • Signature designs containing bright details.
  • Allows you to create three-dimensional images.

     As a birthday present for a mother, we can offer puzzles from which you can assemble unique signature paintings. Each detail has an original shape, so you will have to work hard on creating the picture. Each individual piece of the big picture represents a complete figurine in the theme of the series, and it will not be easy to find a place for it.

     Another gift option are wooden wall cards, which could be a stylish decoration for any room. The kit includes cardboard backing for fastening, so you can assemble a large beautiful panel from the individual parts. Together the whole family will gather at your mother's house, and create these masterpieces together.


Gift ideas

     Your mom will certainly be happy with any gift from her son or daughter. Even if the present actually turns out to be not particularly useful or necessary, she will lovingly keep and treasure it. But you want to give her a gift that is not trivial, one that is actually useful, capable of giving joy, helping to express love and care. Several ideas come to mind:

  • A slim cashmere sweater.
  • A set of beautiful, stylish dishes.
  • Cozy fluffy slippers.
  • A robot vacuum cleaner.
  • A cocktail making set.
  • A gift voucher for a Spa.
  • A wall photo collage.
  • A humidifier.
  • A steam facial sauna 

     All of these gifts are useful and necessary. However, to have an additional reason for the whole family to get together, an unusual board game, for example, wooden puzzles from the collection of our store, could be a wonderful addition to these presents.