Christmas (XMAS) present for mom (mother)
10.06.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

About our wooden puzzles

     The puzzles in our catalog have no analogues:

  • They are made of dense natural fiberboard, absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • They come in a stylish gift box made of wood.
  • Have an unusual, unique design.
  • Allow the creation of three-dimensional images.

     You can give your mom a unique jigsaw puzzle that can be assembled into an original image as a Xmas gift. Each detail of the puzzle has a special shape, so you will have to work a lot on making them into a picture, but it makes it all the more interesting for all the participants. Each piece of the puzzle is a complete shape or picture on its own, so it will not be easy to find the right place for it.

     Another good Christmas present idea for your mother is an original wooden wall card that can serve as a stylish wall decoration for any room. The kit includes a cardboard back panel for attaching parts, so you can assemble a large, beautiful panel. You can do the puzzle together with the whole family at your mother's house during the Christmas holidays and have the time of your life.

 No one will ever be closer to us than our mom. We all want to please our dear mother, especially during the Christmas holidays, and choose a nice truly Christmas-worthy gift for her. But there is such a wide variety of options to suit each taste available at the store nowadays. It can be difficult to choose a present. So we would like to offer you several ideas of original Christmas presents for your mom.

Ideas for a Christmas gift

     Moms, of course, are always happy with any Christmas gift from their sons and daughters. Even if the present turns out to be not all that magical, or even useless and unnecessary, mothers cherish it with love. But at Christmastime, you want to find something special and truly magical, an original gift that will bring them joy. Here are several gift ideas for your mom for Christmas:

  • A set of original flower pots.
  • Decorative figurines for the garden.
  • A massager.
  • A robot vacuum cleaner.
  • An instant camera.
  • A spa certificate.
  • A cordless iron.
  • A wall photo collage.
  • A cordless iron.
  • A steam sauna for the face.

     All of the listed Xmas presents are both nice and useful, and they will definitely come in handy. But in order to have a good family get together during the Christmas holidays, you should definitely consider buying an original board game, for example, a wooden jigsaw puzzle from our store’s collection would be an excellent addition to any of these gifts.