From instagram customer reviews Sky Roads Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
03.22.2023 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

I tried my very first wooden puzzle by a brand called Quordle Puzzles. It was meant to be one of the puzzles I was going to do in the hospital but It got rescheduled until next week, the 31st.

Wooden puzzles take some getting used to because with some pieces, they do not interlock so it is a bit fiddly when trying to place them, it isn’t until my puzzle started coming together that this puzzle started to hold together.

The picture is of various coloured air balloons and it obviously has a lot going on so I found my experience at first to be challenging and the wooden pieces took a little bit of getting used to being quite loose compared to cardboard or the plastic one I finished before this.

The look of the puzzle is very nice with mostly matte with a little sheen. The colours are beautiful. And the picture so far is a nice quality. There were shaped or “whimsy” puzzle pieces as well but luckily none of mine broke. One of Cams did in his Star Wars one.

Not my favourite kind of puzzles to do so far but I would do wooden puzzles again. The company did take a while to ship to Aussie but their communication with me was really good and prompt service. I do recommend them. Note that I am not affiliated or sponsored. This is just an honest review

Sky roads
Brand is QuordlePuzzles
299 piece
Baught from @quordlepuzzles
Started: 12 January, 2023
Completed: 23 January, 2023
Size is 28.5x38.5 cm
My rating: ⭐️ 7/10