Heart wooden puzzle
12.03.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

     What sort of gift can you offer a loved one in order to simultaneously touch and surprise them, to inspire them and delight them? We have an excellent and original solution! Behold - the wooden “Heart” puzzle, which you can assemble to create a 3D heart that can be presented to a very special someone.

Puzzle Features

     Wooden jigsaw puzzles are a few steps above ordinary cardboard ones. The models you assemble from them will not wrinkle or fall apart, which makes them a worthy addition to any home arts and crafts collection. They have several noteworthy characteristics:

  • They are made of 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials;
  • A long shelf life - thanks to the durability of the wooden pieces, these puzzles can be put together again and again;
  • A captivating, sophisticated texture;

     Our “Heart” puzzles are sold and shipped in natural wood boxes, which elevates them from a simple puzzle into an elegant and valuable gift. It can be given to a loved one or a child and serve as inspiration for them to assemble and appreciate this one-of-a-kind pastime. Puzzles fuel the imaginations of people of all ages, teach basic geometry concepts, and help develop spatial thinking, ingenuity, and patience.

"Heart” Puzzle

     The heart is a timeless symbol of love, and this puzzle, which you can assemble alone or with someone special, is a perfect replica of it. Our collection contains sets of different difficulty levels, from children’s sets (consisting of large parts) to more complex puzzles for older children and adults. No matter the complexity, the finished product will always be a large three-dimensional heart - a lovely addition to any interior space.

     You can choose from these and many other sets on our online store. For example, we offer animal puzzles, bird puzzles, or plant puzzles for children. For adults, we have sets with models of cars, motorcycles, and many other technical innovations, as well as celestial bodies. No matter your age, we are sure to have something that you’re sure to love!

     We also have various styles of wooden maps. These map puzzles are also assembled from numerous smaller parts, and each set includes a cardboard backing and stickers that will help you fix your puzzle in place and mount it on a wall. Our maps look great as wall murals in homes or work spaces. You can also find several videos that show you how to put our puzzles together on our web site.

     We are proud to offer an engaging, exciting, and extraordinary pastime for the whole family or a group of friends!