Leaf Wooden puzzle
12.09.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

     Learning about the world around us should be exciting and engaging, and every parent knows that children who are interested in what they’re learning are much more motivated and curious than those who are not. One easy way to make the learning process a bit more dynamic is by introducing puzzles into the mix. Our “Leaf” series has been designed for the smallest puzzlers in mind. Our colorful array of puzzles offers the chance to assemble an entire arboretum of wooden leaves!

Puzzle Features

     What sets our puzzles apart is the ability to assemble three-dimensional models instead of a traditional 2D image. After assembly, our puzzles can be placed on a shelf or used as a toy or even as a decoration. They differ from cardboard puzzles in the following ways:

  • our puzzles feature large pieces that are specially designed for children;
  • our puzzles are made of durable natural wood, so they easily stand up to being disassembled and reassembled hundreds of times;
  • our puzzles contain no harmful substances and do not trigger allergic reactions;
  • our puzzles are 100% eco-friendly;

     The materials for our puzzles are hypoallergenic, which makes them suitable for even small children; Our “Leaf" puzzles come in a variety of sets designed for kids of different ages and featuring several levels of difficulty, from “very easy” for young children to puzzles with many small pieces for teenagers.

Other Puzzles

     All of the puzzles available on our online store are made of wood, as are the boxes they are shipped in. This environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful container makes our puzzles into an elegant, highly presentable gift. Our collection also features fairy-tale animals and birds, realistic animals and birds, plants, and much more. Once you finish putting together one of our puzzles, an original image will be revealed that will also look spectacular on a wall.

     Each puzzle in our collection is assembled from pieces that are shaped like small figurines, which adds another one-of-a-kind twist to this classic pastime. On the product page for each puzzle, you can find video guides that will demonstrate how to put each set together. Check out our videos to see just how fun and engaging puzzling can be! Whether you're buying for yourself or for somebody else, all of our puzzles make wonderful gifts that contribute to a builder’s creativity, spark their imagination, and encourage the development of spatial thinking.