New Zealand wooden puzzle
12.15.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

     New Zealand is a fantastic, faraway country with extraordinarily beautiful and mysterious landscapes. Whether you are dreaming about your first trip to New Zealand or have fond memories from several trips there and back again, our wooden “New Zealand” puzzles are available to help.

Features of 3D Puzzles

     The main difference between wooden 3D puzzles and ordinary cardboard ones is the finished product - not a run-of-the-mill flat picture, but a textured, topographic one, or even a highly realistic model. After everything is said and done, our puzzles look just like a real map of New Zealand with all the details etched on. A bit more about our puzzles:

  • They are produced from a single eco-friendly material - wood;
  • Wood has a unique and naturally beautiful texture, lending all of our puzzles a sense of style and refinement;
  • Our puzzles contain no harmful additives or substances, which means they are 100% safe for small children and puzzlers with allergies;

     All of our sets come in wooden boxes, which makes our puzzles a presentable gift even for business partners or company clients, as well as friends and family.

"New Zealand" Puzzle and More

     All of the puzzles featured in our "Maps" series include the pieces required for assembly and special components that will allow you to make your map into a wall panel that looks great in any room. Each set includes a cardboard base, stickers for affixing pieces to the base, and stickers for mounting the wooden map to a wall.

     New Zealand is far from the only locale in our “Maps” series. We also have jigsaw puzzles of other countries or continents, as well as large-scale maps of the whole world that can also be transformed into stylish decor for your wall. We offer other sets centered on specific themes for both adults and children as well: dinosaurs, animals, birds, stars, buildings, flowers, planets - our wide assortment of available puzzles will fit into any home collection!

     The sets also come with clear instructions on how to put everything together, and you can find videos detailing how to put together each puzzle on our web site. That way, even first-time puzzlers will be able to quickly get a handle on the process and master this classic pastime. Puzzle building is always an intellectually stimulating and endlessly entertaining activity for friends and family!