Old wooden puzzle
12.17.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

     There is a special charm and warmth in old pictures, and anyone who has an appreciation for classic pastimes is sure to get a kick out of puzzle building as well! That’s why we’re sure that the “Old” jigsaw puzzles available on our online store would make an exceptional gift for anyone who values a well-rounded home arts and crafts collection.

Puzzle Features

     The main difference between our 3D puzzles and ordinary cardboard ones is the ability to build textured images (and not flat screen-printed pictures). Moreover, our “Old” puzzles are made of wood, which gives them the following characteristics:

  • Our puzzles are eco-friendly, contain no toxic impurities, and are hypoallergenic;
  • Our puzzles are durable thanks to the long shelf life of natural wood;
  • Our puzzles are beautiful and feature an exquisite wood texture;

     All of our "Vintage” puzzles come in an elegant wooden box, which makes them an excellent original gift for both children and adults. A single puzzle could be the spark that turns into a large collection of unique vintage models crafted from natural wood.

Vintage Puzzles

     Thanks to our “Old” jigsaw puzzles, you can collect a variety of lively sets that exemplify the best parts of all things vintage, such as the bright and lively greeting cards that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Our “Old” collection contains a wide variety of gorgeous pictures, and are sure to delight anyone who appreciates the classics.

     The assembly process for our wooden puzzles is similar to that of mundane cardboard puzzles, but there are a few important and challenging differences. If you get stuck during your puzzle building, you can always check out our website. There you’ll find videos demonstrating how to correctly put together each and every puzzle.

     Our classic puzzles are just a small part of the huge assortment of available products on our online store. We also offer thematic sets featuring animals, cars, trains, dinosaurs, flowers, trees and much more for both adults and children. Anyone who values originality will appreciate the unique in-house designs featured on our wooden puzzles, and travelers are sure to love our premium maps that can be easily turned into stylish wall panels.