Present for brother
10.19.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

Features of wooden puzzles

     All puzzles in our online store are made of natural wood — an eco-friendly material that does not contain harmful impurities. Wood does not cause allergies and will help the puzzles last a long time, because it is a strong, durable material.

     The wooden parts are packed in beautiful wooden boxes. This is an unusual and at the same time very interesting present for brother, which you can play together with friends or the whole family. Another advantage of our puzzles is that you can create not just pictures, but three-dimensional shapes from them. They can add to the collection of models of equipment or decorate any room with unusual customized paintings.

     A brother is the closest person, a true friend and a confident, a defender and your companion in all games. Surely you want to arrange a real celebration for him on his birthday, New Year, February 23 or on the day of a professional holiday. We suggest several ideas of a present for brother that will definitely make him happy.

Present options for brother

     When choosing a gift, you need to focus, first of all, on the desires and needs of a person. A brother is a very close family member, so his hobbies, enthusiasms and dreams are probably well known to you. If it is not possible to fulfill these dreams, you can choose a gift that will help make them a little closer. It might be:

  • Piggy bank in the form of a safe.
  • Souvenir weapons.
  • Original portable bar.
  • Stones for cooling whiskey.
  • Set for home brewing.
  • Shaker for cocktails.
  • Punching bag.
  • Personal shtof with engraving.

     And in case you want to spend more time with your brother, give him a board game — such as a puzzle made of natural wood that we offer in our online store. With these puzzles you can make creative pictures or three-dimensional figures, including models of equipment. A special category of puzzles is wall maps, very stylish and original, which will decorate both the office of a business person and the room of a keen traveler.