Singapore wooden puzzle
12.17.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

 Singapore is a fascinating country that mixes tradition and modernity, huge skyscrapers and old buildings, powerful technologies and rich culture. Our wooden “Singapore” puzzles are a great choice for all lovers of travel, history, geography and the secrets of the East.

Puzzle Features

     The main difference between our wooden puzzles and ordinary cardboard puzzles is that the final product is much more than a screen-printed flat picture - it is something dynamic and alive, or even a 3D model. When assembled, the puzzle looks like a real map of Singapore with a textured surface and a detailed rendering of various landmarks. A bit more about our puzzles:

  • They are made from 100% eco-friendly natural wood;
  • They feature a rich texture that lends a sense of refinement and style to any finished product;
  • They contain no harmful additives or substances. Our puzzles are 100% safe for small children and people who suffer from allergies;

     All of our sets come in stylish wooden boxes. Thanks to all of this, our puzzles are a wonderful choice of gift for everyone from friends and family to business partners or important clients.

"Singapore” Puzzle

     All of the puzzles from our "Maps" series come with components that allow you to turn your completed puzzle into a captivating piece of interior décor. Each set includes a base made of thick cardboard, as well as stickers for both attaching pieces to the base and mounting the puzzle to a wall.

     However, “Singapore” is far from the only locale in this series. You can find map puzzles of other continents and countries on our online store, as well as large maps of the world. We also offer a variety of other sets, including themed puzzles for adults and young puzzle lovers. Dinosaurs, animals, buildings, cars, trains, planets, and more - starting a one-0f-a-kind home collection from among our wide assortment of games is as easy as can be!

     Each set comes with detailed assembly instructions. You can also find videos demonstrating the puzzle building process for each puzzle we offer on our web site, so even first-timers can quickly get a handle of the ins and outs of this classic pastime. Puzzles offer an intellectually stimulating and entertaining way to spend down time, so try one out today by yourself, with the family, or with a circle of friends!