Star wooden puzzle
12.01.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

Wooden Puzzle Features

     Our wooden puzzles offer an addicting pastime for problem solvers of all ages. You can put them together by yourself, with the whole family, or together with friends. Here’s why our “Star” puzzles stand apart:

  • All of the pieces are made of natural wood, which means the puzzle is 100% environmentally friendly;
  • Our puzzles contain no allergens or harmful substances. Our 3D "Star” puzzles are 100% child-friendly;
  • The strength of the wood ensures a long shelf life;
  • Our puzzles offer a variety of ways to approach a classic pastime;

     The “Star” puzzle comes in an elegant natural wood box, which makes the “Star” puzzle an exceptional gift for both children and adults. Our “Stars” will delight dreamers and anyone else that is fond of astronomy or loves to study the twinkling night sky. Jigsaw puzzles are also an intellectual exercise that is suitable for all ages and develops imagination, patience, and logical thinking.

“Star” Puzzle

     As a star consists of several faces, the finished puzzle is a figure with several rays. The number of rays varies from many complex pieces, which we encourage for our adult puzzlers, to just a few pieces for our littlest puzzle buffs. We used different types of wood in the production of our “Star” puzzles to create a variety of textures and shades. As a result, you can move beyond a singular star to collect the whole night sky if you so wish. Elegant models such as these make a spectacular addition to any collection of hand-made products or crafts.

     Our store offers a wide assortment of wooden puzzles, from thematic collections to unique sets that offer buyers the chance to collect our original designs. All of them are made of wood and come in a beautiful wooden box. Buy them for yourself or offer them as a gift for anyone who appreciates creativity and originality.