The turtle wooden puzzle
12.05.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

 The turtle symbolizes steadiness, wisdom, and longevity. For those looking to take their foot off the gas and enjoy a bit of down time by appreciating the world around them, we have an excellent gift – our “Turtle” puzzles, made of natural wood.

Puzzle Features

     All of the puzzles in our store are made from wood, a strong and long-lasting natural material. On top of that, our wooden puzzles are absolutely safe and do not contain allergens or toxic substances, and the exquisite texture and feel of the natural wood make them an excellent gift.

     Each of our puzzles is shipped in sturdy wooden boxes that keep them safe while they make their way to their intended recipient. Our premium packaging lends a sense of sophistication and presentation to each set, so you can easily give our puzzles as gifts to not only to a child, but also adults, including clients or business partners.

"Turtle” Puzzle

     Our “Turtle" is a part of our animal series. All of the puzzles in this series are three-dimensional, which means you can build real models and figurines from the pieces as opposed to a 2D picture. They look great alongside home arts and crafts collections, and anyone who starts to collect the animals in our catalog will soon find themselves with a real home zoo on their hands! You can collect much more than animals, though, as we also offer puzzles centered around many other topics, including:

  • Space and the stars;
  • Flowers and plants;
  • Buildings;
  • Sports;
  • …and much more!

     All of our sets are available in several varieties. We offer puzzles with large pieces for children, as well as challenging puzzles with hundreds of smaller pieces for adults. Assembly instructions are included with each 3D puzzle set. We also recommend checking out the videos posted on our website to see the entire puzzle building process in detail.