US States wooden puzzle
12.05.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

    The United States of America hosts a variety of cities, landscapes, and lifestyles, and many people consider it to be the most developed and strongest country in the world. That said, crossing the ocean may not be the simplest vacation option for everyone, but never fear! Our “United States” wooden puzzles are ready to help you plan your trip! We have a wide variety of 3D “United States” puzzles available on our online store.

What are 3D Puzzles?

     Everyone is familiar with run-of-the-mill cardboard puzzles that reveal a picture once you put all of the pieces together. Our puzzles work in a very similar way, but the finished product is three-dimensional. Some puzzles even allow you to make models that look great on a shelf as a part of an arts and crafts collection or can even be used as toys.

     After assembly, our wooden “United States” puzzle reveals a topographic map of America. The sets also come with everything you need to hang it on a wall. Other benefits of our puzzles:

  • The material they are made from is 100% environmentally friendly and contains no harmful substances;
  • They are hypoallergenic and safe for small children;
  • The puzzles are durable and the maps can be taken apart and put back together again many times;

     All of our sets are shipped in elegant wooden boxes. This makes them not only an excellent and entertaining pastime for family members or a group of friends, but also an exceptional and exclusive gift. A frequent traveler or business partner whose company works with entrepreneurs from the United States would be sure to appreciate it, as would a good friend who values gifts that are out of the ordinary. Any child that has a knack for geography will also surely be delighted to receive one of our puzzles.

“USA” Puzzle Sets and More

     Each set contains all the necessary tools to help you mount the finished map on a wall, including:

  • A strong cardboard base;
  • stickers for affixing pieces to the base;
  • stickers for affixing the map to the wall;

     Our sets allow you to take puzzles even further and turn them into a stylish piece of decor for your home or office. A “piece” such as this, assembled from natural wood pieces with a uniquely captivating texture (depending on the type of wood you select), lends a sense of cozy handmade charm to any interior space.

     The set comes with instructions that outline the assembly process in detail, and you can also find videos on our website that offer guidance in the puzzle building process. Create original interior decorations with family, friends or colleagues using nothing more than your own two hands and a bit of ingenuity!